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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions from our customers that may very well give you the answer you are looking for.

How much are the templates?
Our One-Page templates start at $199.99 fully built out and populated with your content. We may occasionally release more basic templates which may be more affordable in the future. We have considered pricing for quite some time before launching and we feel the price point is competitive and affordable considering what our customers receive vs the competition out there (which there really isn't any for what we do).
Why does the price change on checkout?
The templates pricing does not include the installation fee. Please keep in mind that extra time is involved when we have to manually install the code files onto your server. You have the option to change this in the cart to "Self Installation" in the dropdown which means we send you a zip file containing all the files for your website so you can install it yourself or with the help of your hosts support team. If you host with Graphic Owls you will never have to worry about this. Find out more here.
How long does it take for my site to go live?
We like to work as fast as possible so we aim to deliver your website and deploy it within 1-3 business days. Please keep in mind of our business hours which you can view on our Support Page. If you order on the weekend the project won't start until Monday morning and we handle all projects consecutively as they are placed.
Can I make changes down the road?
It's important to note that if you are not hosting with Graphic Owls we only hold your site files for 30 days after purchase. Support is limited after that being that your site is no longer on our platform. If you do wish or want the possibility to make changes or additions down the road then you would be required to purchase extended storage for your site at $75 for the year. This does not include the actual work for any changes or addition, this just keeps your site active and ready on our servers for you. Hosting with Graphic Owls has major benefits in this regard as we can work on your site and make changes and deploy it instantly when we are finished.
Can I change the colors on the templates?
Absolutely! We want your site to represent you and your business the way you need it to! Right after checkout you will be redirected to the order form which is where you will give us all the info we need in order to build and deploy your website. On the form you will see an option to select your primary colors for your brand along with many other options.